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Husum Wind Fair 18-22 September 2012 The booth was a visitor's magnet. Both the small-scale model and the offshore simulation (model plus background screen) drew much attention. I presented the SHI 7-171 wind turbine in several presentations in English and German language.

The experts' judgments about the machine were fully positive. The resentments against gearboxes and hard demands for "Direct Drive Only" from 2010 had disappeared. Obviously the new medium-speed Vestas development has paved the way for a medium speed concept, and the price rise for rare earth metals has made the wind power insiders a bit less euphoric about the DD concept.

The rating value was often a point of discussion. Why to make an offshore windmill with just 305 W/m2. The reason is simple: The farer offshore you go, the higher becomes the relative cost of the electric installations, and for making good use of it, you need a high capacity factor. And the capacity factor correlates directly and linearly with the rating (W/m2). It is interesting to see this tendency both onshore and offshore. Publications on the last EWEC on offshore economy confirm the general tendency to low rating, high capacity factor designs.

I met many German wind-power insiders and was pleased to hear from everybody: "Congratulations, Georg, that is a good machine."

IQPC Drive Train Conference in Bremen 25 and 26th October 2012 IQPC was so nice to invite me as chairman. I did my best and prepared an own presentation as a gap filler, because I had the feeling that one or two delegates might be unable to come. Indeed, one guy could not come, and I spoke about structure-born noise in his time slot. You find my file in the download section of my home page. It is not high-tech but insider know-how.

I think that we might find split gearboxes in future. One high-torque part as integrated drive directly connected to the structure, and a high-speed stage which is on elastomeric suspensions, possibly integrated with the generator.

The participants had come from all over Europe and even from the USA. I had interesting talks during the evening dinner event. IQPC informed me later, that the participants had given good feedback ratings on their evaluation sheets.

Thanks to IQPC and all participants for the successful event.

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