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WINDNOVATION 5 years anniversary celebration in Berlin on 21th February 2013 I had prepared a full one-hour rather provocative presentation, going into society and politics. The ones, which have been already among the ecological movement of the 1980ties, can see the role and situation of wind power clearer than the ones which had jumped on the running train just a few years ago.

My points: wind power has never been directly competitive to conventional energy, and will never be in future. Wind power became a "holy cow" in Germany in the times, when it was self-understanding, that we have to change to regenerative energies as soon as possible. Putting this political premise now under question, valuing economy higher than ecology, wind energy drops off.

In the middle of the presentation we commonly sung the song of the wind power funeral, which I had composed for this event. The audience was amused and applauded long, and even though some did not agree on all of my theses, we had time to discuss them later at the buffet.

The event happened in the Technical Museum of Berlin. I was positively surprised, especially about the aircraft department, and can recommend visiting this place, when you happen to be in Berlin. Also the boat collection was noteworthy, as many more items on exhibition.

A large THANK YOU to Windnovation and their cooperation partners and customers, also special thanks to the life music makers Ian Wekwerth (piano) und Marko Scholz (flute, vocals)

March 2013 back in Geoje-Si, Korea The 7MW wind turbine approaches completion and will be shipped over to Scotland this spring/summer. As before, I take care of all technical matter including commissioning tests and adjustments.

My task will soon be finished with the completion of this project.

Informed through market studies and confirmed by mails with colleagues, I took note of the fact that Chinese turbines are now sold for 400 to 500 €/kW without tower. This is a short-term purely politically motivated dumping price, with which no European manufacturer can compete. The turbines are the same as before, there has been no technology breakthrough or whatsoever other effect making windpower more economic.

May 2013 I will work the rest of my time contract from my own office in Helsinki, with frequent visits to Methil (Edinburgh), Hamburg and some component suppliers in Europe. This makes sense, as to save unnecessary overseas travelling.
August 2013 My lectures inside of SHI have been printed and distributed internally. The ENGINEERING NOTES were over 800 pages. It was a pleasure for me to raise know-how, where it has not existed before. In this role I have been at WINWIND before, transferring German Industry know-how to Finland. As the sad example of WINWIND shows, it needs more than a single man's knowledge. A professional management is equally needed for success.

Preparations start now for the IQPC conference on wind turbine drive trains in October this year in Bremen.

November 2013 On 18-20 October there was the IQPC Conference on wind turbine drive trains in Bremen. This time I did not use a Mog-Tag for giving the time signals, a normal bell was used. Interesting: Both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drives were back on the table (Mitsubishi plans a hydrostatic drive). The problem of low efficiency and short lifetime of essential elements does not immediately exclude this drive train. There are indirect advantages also, such as the possibility of making the structure fully modular for preventive O&M.

In case of offshore wind, unforeseen downtime and service is the problem. Scheduled rework in low-wind summer time does not kill the LCOE values. And as the O&M cost driver is the ship transport of personnel to the site (including a huge lot of bureaucracy) the exchanged parts are usually not the cost driver.

There were less people on the conference than last time, and the feeling about the branch's future was uncertain.

It looks like regenerative energies are now worldwide rejected and put under the pressure to be competitive to coal and nuclear. The newcomer wind companies, which started in good times, have gone out of business, also Winwind finally last month. Germany has massively cut the subsidies, other countries followed. The emerging markets of 1999 to 2006 have been just a bubble, and it has bursted in 2012-2013 . Ten-thousands of wind power people are now running all around the world, desperately looking for a job.

The present hot and aggressive discussion about the electricity price is a political farce. In my case, the electricity bill is 1% of my cost of living! If this would increase to 1.5% due to the use of solar, wind, biomass etc, it will not drive me (and millions of similar private persons) into ruin. "Poverty due to high electricity prices due to wind and solar" is a very weak argument to explain poverty arising from unemployment and missing social safety.

The prototype SHI 7-172 has been erected. I had planned frequent visits to the site, but internal politics prevented this. So I give regular remote advice my mail and phone.

I moved to a new place: Untuvaisentie 7 D 59 00820 Helsinki

December 2013 I made a travel to the SHI 7-172 prototype site. It is located near Methil, on the northern side of the Firth of Forth. The location is on the Scottish east coast but anyhow rather free for western winds. About 2 weeks I worked on site for commissioning and adjustments.
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