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January and February 2015 Work for customers in China, Germany and Finland

I see a clear revival of the 2-bladed concept for offshore. Not only Ming Yang and Aerodyn, but now several others promote, that this concept is simply better for large or offshore turbines than the 3-blader. There are a number of technical detail reasons, which go too far to be discussed here.

March and April

Work for a project in Estonia and for a company in Germany

May and June Machine design/calculation Work in Germany and commissioning work in China

"The East is red, the sun is rising, we go to work..."
July and August Work in China and Estonia. Writing a publication. Acquisition activities in Britain and in Germany.
September/October/November Statements regarding gearbox-, generator- and bearing damages. Travels to Germany and Britain. One more publication. I signed an exclusive long-term cooperation contract with a company in China, starting in December.
December Work in Zhong-Shan (spoken djung-schan) in the district Guang-Dong. It is 30 degrees warmer than in Finland.

My position is GENERAL TECHNICAL ADVISOR and I take care of the company's products in all aspects.

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