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January - February

Happy to work in the world's largest country together with good people.

March - April Looking through the news, a headline hit my eye:

"The European Union risks losing its leadership in wind energy without a clear policy vision for renewables towards 2030, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) said today in response to China overtaking the EU in installed wind capacity in 2015."

Link: www.offshorewind.biz

China has made this great progress by PLANNING ECONOMY. The European ideology of prohibiting reasonable planning as "against the free market" has run into a dead-end road. It is time to go back to a state-controlled planning of all energy matter. Also wind power needs a clear and foreseeable future, not the chaos of Liberalism.

The Caruna scandal has shown us clearly what happens if basic services as energy supply are in private hands: Our money goes to a tax paradise and as an excuse we get some non-binding promises of "great investments in future".

Link: http://yle.fi/uutiset/osa_sahkoverkon_omistuksista_katoaa_caymansaarille/8655759

Wind power has no future in a liberalist economy. No qualified engineer will go into wind power when it is a lotto game to get or to lose his job. And without experienced experts, there will be no wind power companies.

Statement from the EWEA: "Today Europe's wind industry has a 40% share of the global wind market and the best technology.... Otherwise it'll be China and others that capture the rapidly growing global market... this would hurt us economically. Dickson said (CEO of EWEA)."

Yes, he is right. But they deserve it. Europe is not only loosing the leadership in the amount of manufactured and exported wind turbines. They also lose the know-how. Already now lots of European wind power experts emigrate or work years-long contracts in Asia. Like me.

May - June Work as usual. The first milestones have been achieved. The hot-humid climate in the tropics is hard to bear for a European.
July - August

Progress, some more aims achieved. On Sunday 31st of July at 17:19 there was a very slight earthquake to be noticed in Zhong-Shan. It came from the neighbor province of Guang-Xi and had there an intensity of 4,6 (Richter-Scale).

On 2nd of August the company was closed because of a Tai-Féng (the Féng is spoken as Fång). That means HUGE WIND. But the Féng was not Tai, have not seen any damage.

September - October Travelling in Europe in October. New Visa, some urgent private matters and remote work from my office in Helsinki.
November - December

The end of 2016. I received some flower-power from the Communist Party. Thanks.

Looking back, what has been achieved in 2016 in the range of training. In addition to normal work, I have generated 970 pages of educational material, presented in over 30 lectures. Now it is the turn of my cooperation partners to implement this knowledge in their products. The coming time will be more O&M oriented.

I can count up my 34 to 35 years of professional wind power activity. Up to the present day wind power has world-wide not achieved the aim of giving stable and reliable work places to their employees. The consolidation phase with buying/selling companies, fusions and bankruptcies continues. We started in chaos in the 1980ies and we are still in chaos. A long-term political planning of regenerative energy has failed in Germany and whole Central Europe. Let us hope that the Chinese do it better.

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