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January - February I was in Germany. There have been plenty of onshore installations in 2016, probably as a short final. Because the now ruling bidding process forces the offerer into dumping. Only large financially strong companies can affort to offer very low prices at high risk. This accellerates the concentration process in the branch.

24-2-2017 happily back in China and eating with chopsticks.

March - April

Still two lectures and the milestone of the internal training program has been achieved. It will take some time until the fresh European know-how which I delivered will find its way through the documents into the machines.

The climate is not for European loungs, some sickness required some medicine.

Wind power is talked cheap, but there is no reason why it should become cheaper. We live in a phase of again rising oil prices and steadily rising raw material prices. Electro-mobility will raise the demand and prices for copper and magnets. This directly influences wind turbines. The larger series' made by fewer companies will slightly reduce manufacturing cost. But there is no technological breakthrough anywhere for a massive LCOE reduction and suddenly achieved grid parity. Having cooperated over the last 5 years with the highest-reputed experts and visited all relevant scientific fairs, I am sure not to have missed anything.


Wind-Europe loudly celebrates the dumping prices made by some energy giants. They are too big to fail and can be sure of government subsidies when the wind farms come into financial loss. The wrong signal is given to our politicians: "wind power does not need any subsidies". But it is dangerous to generalize such a statement. In most of all projects this is not the case. Any kind of corrective action in clean energy pricing is needed and justified. The wind energy industry should not be so stupid as to dig their own grave.

A business trip brought me to the Chinese district of Inner Mongolia.

Hundreds of kilometers of arid sandy land. Some sheep, a few cows and horses. The wind was so strong that it blew off my hat. The sun was so strong that I could hardly see without sunglasses.

The Mongolian horses do not confuse low-frequency modulation of high-frequency noise with infrasound. Also, they do not write emotion-based horror stories about wind power in the boulevard press.

HERE is the place for a really large-scale use of wind and solar power.

May - June With two more lectures now my educational program has ended. Over 1000 pages have been written in English language. It is now in the responsibility of others to make use of this high-level know-how, collected from 35 years of good and bad experience with hundreds of wind turbines. The biggest milestone is finished.

To my regret I have to state that the general know-how in the wind turbine industry has gone down. A well reputed British consultancy gave wrong rules to dimension the yaw system. Costly defects are the result, based on 3P cyclic hard-hits on the drives due to neglecting their play in the calculations. I have handled this problem already 1993.

And an also well-reputed company for pitch slewing ring bearings calculated FEM without the essential blade ovalisation effects. But these contribute a lot to premature damage of such a bearing. And they based their fatigue on ISO-281, which is irrelevant for the load state.

Evident loss of knowledge among companies and suppliers in the branch is being replaced by empty phrases such as "best practice" and "lean supply chain management" etc. This shall cover the simple fact that wind power has become a large-scale political poker-game of energy giants.

There has been a claim from one company against an other (I cannot tell details openly) in which I was involved by giving a neutral statement. To my surprise I noticed that a well-reputed company had given pure fantasy and lies as their statements.

In June I will be busy in Finland and Germany. Some bureaucratic affairs need my attention.

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