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January - February I am putting up a small office room in Germany to be more flexible, and also for private reasons. I reached the age for early retirement and now slip into a part-time pension (some work, some pension). An unlucky injury demanded some time of hospital and recovery.
March - April Occasional work for Ming Yang, additionally some smaller jobs for European companies.
May - August Living and working in Germany. One larger job here is now finished. The China-cooperation has finally run out. A non-wind activity is still going on.
September - October I was informed that the 5,5MW offshore wind turbine which I had taken care of, has achieved an availability of over 98% right away. Hundreds of details I had handled and pushed towards correct solutions in half a year of regular meetings with designers and workshop. This feedback confirms my headline "I have the knowhow to make wind turbines run".

November - December Bearing this success happily in mind, I am closing down FUTURE POWER OY. The situation of wind power has changed. The worldwide concentration process and ruinous dumping in fierce competition has led to massive lay-offs. The fake news of "price reduction due to technology" is generally and wrongly believed. Fact is that the presently sold machines do not yet contain any of the far-future advanced technology, from which an economy improvement is hoped to come from.

In the desperate world-wide struggle for survival of a whole branch, there is no more value in know-how, experience and engineering. Money, lobby-work and energy politics rule.

I herewith close down my wind power activities after 37 years and go into retirement.

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