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Engineering - knowhow - consulting

Product Development, Support of Design, Calculations, Specifications, Troubleshooting and Maintenance in the Range of...
  • Development phase, selecting concept and base data for the market
  • Operation control and safety schemes
  • Optimisation for load reduction and corresponding operation control
  • Pitch-back and active stall control algorithms
  • Electric and hydraulic pitch control hardware
  • Hubs, mainframes, carrying structures, towers
  • Generators and Frequency Converters
  • Gearboxes
  • Noise analysis, reduction by elastomeric suspensions and damping masses
  • Blade design assistance and manufacture supervision
Organisational Services...
  • Certification procedures with Germanischer Lloyd, T▄V, DNV
  • Due diligence statements, damage analysis
  • Training of employees, lectures
  • Project management including cost and resource planning
  • Delivery- and cooperation contracts