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From December 2015 to March 2018 General Technical Advisor and know-how lecturer for Ming Yang Wind Power in China. Time contract with certain milestones to be achieved. 1300 pages of educational material generated.

17. March 2014 to November 2015 cooperation with different companies. Work in a German/Chinese project. Engineering in Estonia and Germany. Some work in the non-wind business.

From March 2011 to March 2014 General Technical Advisor and development leader of the 7MW offshore wind turbine of Samsung Heavy Industries. Task-related time contract.

Based on a detailed analysis of competitors and markets in spring 2014 SHI decided not to enter the wind power business. They stopped all wind-power activities.

2009_2010kuva 2010 non-competition time. Work on a stand-alone energy system, design of a pitch hydraulics, due diligence statements, training of engineers in Korea.
2000-2009 Technical Director and CTO of WINWIND OY. Building up the product platforms WWD1 and WWD3 and the Engineering Department under chaotic circumstances. Not a single man had a single day of wind power experience! The machines slipped into a state of constantly reproduced design and quality problems. I tried to save the company by pushing a retrofit program. But my work was boycotted by the management. I was no longer willing to take responsibility for the junk machines and left in 2009.
Analysis of quality deficiencies, initiating a retrofit program. Training of employees. Activities in India.
1999-2000 Feasibility studies at PVO-E, resulting in a spin-off of company WINWIND OY in 2000, participated in founding.
Co-inventor of the MULTIBRID concept. (Published on EWEC 1997)
Project development of a pitch controlled 1200kW machine of 61m diameter
1993 -1999 AERODYN. Project management, design, commisioning, troubleshooting. Many projects for many customers. Among others Prototype Protec MD , whole electric part incl operation control.
1991 -93 Germany, Tacke Windtechnik. Head of Design and Development. Engineering of the TW80 and TW600, partly 1500. Re-engineering of TW500.
1990 -91 Research work on blade deicing and low-temperature in Finland
1989-1990 Complete engineering of a 100kW twoblader for a customer.

Siting work using WASP. Simulation and design of pitch hydraulics.
1986 -88 MBB single bladed wind turbines. Design, project management, operation and troubleshooting, commissioning.
1985-86 Design of synchronous generators at Norton-Christensen. Member of the DGW steering group; organisation of wind power projects.

1983-84 BMFT-sponsored project of the DGW on survey and measurements of wind turbines. Project HAWIAN; design support and measurements.

1982 Floating offshore wind turbine prototype of Dr. Wagner; design, construction, extensive measurements.
1977-1981 Germany. Self-made wind generators and solar systems for home use, promoting wind power, presentations.